Introduction to the Course

What is Emotion Processing and Why it’s Valuable

Hello Everyone! and welcome to the course “How to Process Your Emotions”.  I’m so glad you’re here! In this course you’re going to learn over 30 Skills to help you resolve painful, intense or overwhelming emotions so that you can feel peaceful and create the life you want.

About the Course

Knowing how to process emotions is essential to living a happy life, to having healthy relationships, to being a good boss or friend or lover. Research shows over and over that these are the skills that help people be happy-but most people have never even heard of them.

Most people only have a few skills to work through emotions, things like talk it out, try not to think about it, or eat something. But, you’ve heard the saying- If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem seems like a nail. But if you have a whole set of tools, you can respond to more situations. In this course I’m going to teach you the practical skills to process through emotions- how to notice and name them, calm yourself down, explore what you’re really feeling, decide what to do about it and take action.  By increasing the tools in your toolbelt, you’ll have more options to respond to challenges. 

These are the skills that I teach over and over in therapy, the skills that help people heal their hearts and minds. I’ve boiled them down into 30 main skills, each with a video lesson, a workbook activity and some bonus resources. 

The course is designed around doing one skill each day. You can move at your own pace, faster or slower, but I really don’t recommend doing more than one video per day. You can also track your progress as you move through the course in the mood tracker. 

How the course works:

If we could just think our way out of problems, or educate our way into perfect lives, none of us would need much help. We can’t just think our way out of emotions or just “Stop it” with many behaviors. We need to access the deeper parts of our brain and body in order to resolve many emotions. 

 During this course I’m going to encourage you to try all sorts of exercises to create an experience that changes how you think and feel. You’ll try Exercises, Video, Audio, Quotes, visuals, narratives, short readings, writing, and links to extended resources. 

These extra resources include stories, links, videos or book recommendations. Feel free to check these out, but they aren’t required, and don’t let yourself get too sidetracked from the main lessons of the course. 

Emotional Regulation is a skill that can be learned and developed through practice, just like a physical skill. 

Throughout the course you will see two graphics that indicate an exercise. 

The first one is a little hand with a pen, this indicates a writing activity.

The second one is a little weight, indicating an activity of some sort-it might require visualization, going out and talking with someone, filling out a survey, watching a video or doing some introspective writing. 

Doing the exercises is essential to getting the full benefit from the course. We can’t change our lives through intellectual knowledge alone, we have to create knowledge in our body, our emotions, and our experiences to create deep change. Do the exercises!

I can’t wait to walk with you in the journey and see how you change as you learn to process through and resolve emotions. Are you ready to jump in? Let’s do this!

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