What to Expect in This Course

Welcome to "Change Your Brain"! In this course you're going to learn essential information about mental health that can change your life. You'll learn 10 ways you can improve your mental health and become healthier and happier.

In this course there are 10 main sections, each section has a video that teaches the principle. Each section also has a PowerPoint File and a Written Transcript that you can download for your personal use, the transcript includes links to the scientific studies that I compiled to create this course.

Attached to this section is the Change your Brain Workbook that will walk you through some of the activities in this course. In addition to the workbook, some sections have extra videos, files, or resources that you can use to strengthen your skills in each area.

As part of this course, you have free access to my other course: Grounding Skills for Anxiety, PTSD, and Stress, with over 26 videos teaching essential skills to manage the stress response and create a more centered, peaceful and calm mental state. Here's the link: https://therapyinanutshell.teachable.com/p/grounding-skills-for-anxiety-stress-and-ptsd

In the next section, you can learn more about me before moving on to the next chapter which explains how this course works, and the first principle-You can change your physical brain by changing how you think.

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