What if you talked to your spouse the way you talk to your own body?

Would it be an abusive relationship?

It may seem normal to insult yourself or say terrible things about your body, but most people would never call their spouse fat, ugly, or disgusting.

But for so many women, it's easy to get caught in the trap of hating yourself and your body.

You can learn the skills to let go of self-hatred, embrace who you really are, and build a healthy relationship with your body.

Stop letting the media tell you how to feel about your body

Many of us learn from the media what the ideal body looks like. But so much of what we’re shown is unhealthy or unrealistic. Learn how to accept the body you have, no matter what it looks like. 

You’ll learn:

  • How your family background affects how you feel about your body
  • The difference between being thin and being healthy
  • How to protect yourself from magazines, ads, and other forms of media that teach unhealthy body ideals

This course will teach you why you feel the way you do about your body, what you can do to protect yourself from harmful messages, and how you can start to accept your body with all its flaws. Why wait to start the path toward healing? Enroll today!

Learn How to Feel Confident Being you

Many women spend tons of time, money, and mental energy worrying about and trying to fix how they look but are never satisfied with the results. This course will give you the tools you need to find that satisfaction with your appearance — without spending nearly as much money or time. Even better, you’ll learn to love yourself as a whole person — even when you’re having a bad hair day.

But change won’t happen unless you take action. Enroll now to start learning the skills you need to transform your life.

Real Confidence

Finding joy in the body you have today! End the family pattern of negative body image and set a healthy example for your family.

Real Connection

Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, to stop hiding, and let go of shame and find real love.

Real Authenticity

Heal your heart and learn to have compassion with your flaws.

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